About Us

Nutsmine.com’s mobile app is here ! Now you can order your nuts directly from your seat in a time efficient and easy manner. 
The uncompromising nutsmine.com foundations were created in 2017 with the work of a strong crew. 
For people who know the value of time, we created an easier way to order nuts, dried fruits, and snacks.

Furthermore it’s a way to allow it to come right to door in a more practical and easy way.

With 1000+ outstanding item options and without the need of going to the store you can reach our items effortlessly from your phone.
We continue to maintain the quality tradition of nuts.
The freshest almonds, figs, chocolates, dried fruits and special coffees are prepared one by one for you.
With Nuts,Dried fruits, chocolates and snack options being travelled to customers from seller through modern technology has made a mark on a formation. You can immediately see and order our items from our app !
Our items are kosher and healthy products.
Our chocolate & sweets, nuts, dried fruit, coffee, and snack products’ stocks are renewed daily for your satisfaction.
You can get notified about our mobile app’s discounts.
It’s with you in a fast and 100% satisfying manner. With a purchase of $39 or more shipping is FREE !
Not only that but we provide an one day shipping service for all over America.
From the Www.nutsmine.com website you can get live help 24/7.
Chocolates & sweets, nuts, dried fruits, coffe, and snack orders will get to you in the most fresh and tasty way.
After your purchase you will contribute to be treated with 100% satisfaction. With stocks that are always renewed we are constantly working on providing you with even better service.
For your special orders you can reach us through the phone or email.
You can also communicate with us from the communication section for wholesale orders. 100% satisfaction within the sale process and afterwards will be provided 24/7.

Nutsmine.com is a BSB brands LLC establishment.